Chancellor's Message

Dear Students

We have an important tradition at GAU: We dedicate each Academic Year to celebrate or to remember an idea or a theme that carries significance for all GAU Community. This year's theme is called "Innovation." It is a theme that I am very excited about, and it is promises to be an exciting year full of events dedicated to celebrating humanity's creativity and advancement in the fields of arts and sciences.

When thinking about innovation, we are not simply talking about technological innovations. Innovation has been strongly affiliated with technology, and we forget that it is an essential component of every field -including how we live our lives. Innovation is thinking different; it's a nuanced way of looking at the world. We are living in such a rapidly changing world that by the time that we are adjusted to any change, we are confronted with more change. In this day and age, we have no option to transform, and readjust, and then repeat the process. And if you look around, you will see that those people who rise above the others are those not only transform and readjust, but lead the change they want to see in the world. They are the dreamers, who dare to think of other worlds, and other possibilities.

33 years ago, this was the vision that enabled us to establish this university. We incorporated our vision into a mission and founded this University. As the first university founded in TRNC we took it upon ourselves to establish a university that sees its role a facilitator -as an enabler - of learning. As we approach our 50thyear in education, we are re-thinking the role of education, and we are continuously looking for ways to innovate ourselves. In this respect we have joined the UN Global Compact as a supporter of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in advancing 10 development goals that will shape our world in the next decade.

Today is a good day to remember that its commitment to innovation is what sets this university apart. Our goal for our students is to challenge themselves to think bigger and creatively without any frontiers. The promise of innovation, in my opinion, is that it flourishes in neglect of politics and geography. Innovation knows no frontiers - It supersedes it.

I would like to welcome all of our students, faculty and all of our GAU Family, and I look forward to a successful academic year.
Best Regards,
Serhat Akpinar