Children’s Rights Day Is Been Celebrated With Various Activities Organised By GAU

Girne American University (GAU) Department of Pre School Teaching celebrates the Children’s Rights Day which is celebrated on 20th of November with various activities and it will continue whole week.


In the statement that was made from GAU Department of Pre School Teaching related to the subject, they said their purpose is train self-proclaimed expert, vision holder, socially responsible students.  It was specified that they both working coordinated with other departments, give support to institutions outside of the school and they have signed several events for serving the community each year. This year, In the statement it was reported that The Rights of The Children’s 26th anniversary that were approved by United Nations and 25th anniversary of come into force were celebrated. It was expressed that due to the 25th year anniversary celebration, GAU Pre-School Teaching Department spread their activities to one week.


In the statement, It was emphasized that the first of the events that was held between 16-20 November, took place in Freedom Building and it was underlined that in the opening ceremony of the art exhibition that was sent from preschool institutions which connected with private and state schools, the first event was held by GAU Pre School Teaching Department Students.


Within the scope of the following activities, past day it was reported that GAU Pre School Teaching Department students’ materials that they have created with workshop has started to exhibit at GAU Freedom Building and it was reported that they will examine the “Children’s Abuse” within the scope of the Children’s rights after screening the film named “Atlıkarınca” in World’s Children’s Rights Day on 20th November.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Azize Ummanel said these things in her speech related to The Rights of The Children’s:


“Convention of the Rights of The Children’s was adopted by the United Nations in  20th November,1989 and it was entered to the force in 2th September 1990. The convention is based on four basic principles such as; Non-discrimination among Children’s best interests of Children’s, the right to survival and development, and lastly the right to participate. 193 countries are parties of the Convention on the Rights of the Children’s and In Turkey the convention was adopted in 1990 and entered into force in 1995. In our country it has become a domestic law with the approval”.