Chancellor's Message

At GAU, we have the tradition of dedicating each academic year to a theme, or a notion that we believe carries significance for all members of the GAU Family. In this spirit we decided to dedicate 2015-2016 academic year to the topic of Human Rights, with a special focus on Children's Rights.

I cannot think of a more timely topic to remember and recognise as an institution. 2015 marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, and 2016 marks the 70th anniversary of the start of drafting of the UN Convention on the Human Rights. After almost the three quarters of a century after humanity has taken on great strides in agreeing and establishing the basic premise that all men and women have equal rights, people everywhere are still facing breaches of their basic human rights and access to right tools and institutions that can secure their rights.

We have an ongoing conflict going on in the Middle East, Europe is witnessing the largest influx of refugee population since the outbreak of world war II, and we witnessed the horrifying terrorist attacks in Ankara, Istanbul, Paris, and Beirut. ​In Africa, Asia and the rest of the world human rights violations are taking many forms for different groups -irrespective of the country they are living in women are experiencing a disproportionate recognition of their rights. Another group who are extremely vulnerable to human rights violations and whose rights need special care are: the children.

As a community, we are dedicated to play our part in giving voice to those in need in recognition of our commitment as a higher education institution in development and progress of societies.

I hope to see you at one of our events,
Best Regards,
Serhat Akpinar